The Australian bushfires – in comparison with major cities

Thanks to all my friends overseas who have emailed me to ask if I’m ok – yep, I’m fine, I’m a long way away from the fires. But one repeating question in all the emails has been ‘how big is the fire really?‘ Well, numbers in this situation are pretty hard to wrap your head around – approximately 1158 square miles has been burnt.

But what does 1158 square miles look like? Here’s some maps of famous and familiar cities with the fire area burned in to demonstrate exactly how big the fires are. Cities featured are London (659 square miles), Houston (600 square miles) and Tokyo (837 square miles).

If the fire had hit London – all of Greater London would have gone up, and another 600(ish) miles around it.the-fire-in-comparison-to-london

If the fire had hit Houston all 600 square miles would have gone up and another 600 square miles in the surrounding areas.


If the fires had hit Tokyo, all of Tokyo would have gone up and another 400(ish) miles would have gone too.



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