Rhodes & Beckett gets customer service right.

Had a little interruption to my usual experience of excellent quality I’ve come to know and trust from Rhodes and Beckett recently. Below is the email exchange with them. I only wish all customer service problems were played out like this one – companies would do far better in the short and long term.
Rhodes & Beckett now have a customer for life.

My initial email:

On 23/02/09 9:50 AM, “Rowan Wilde” wrote:


My name is Rowan Wilde, and I’ve been an avid and frequent customer of Rhodes and Beckett for a few years now.

Much of my work wardrobe is R&B gear – it’d be at least four suits, ten shirts and around a dozen ties.

On Saturday February 21, I bought a white superfine twill shirt from the Myer concession store in Lonsdale St, Melbourne, along with two new ties.
However when I unpacked the shirt I found, to my utter dismay, that the metal ‘stays’ – the things that keep the collar from being damaged – have been replaced with plastic ones!

Is this just something that happens from purchasing Rhodes and Beckett from Myer? If so I’ll return the shirt and go to a proper store to re-buy the same shirt at presumably the same price so I get the metal stays. Can you please let me know if this is the case?

The metal pieces for my collar really is one of the beautiful things about Rhodes and Beckett. It’s is one of the key benefits that separate R&B from other shirt companies. They’re a little touch but an important one and one of the pleasures of buying Rhodes and Beckett. It has until now, I confess, kept me coming back in an unquestioning fashion – plus the staff at the GPO store are excellent at their jobs.

I’ve never had a Rhodes and Beckett shirt fall apart, the collar has never worn heavily, I’ve never previously been disappointed with an R&B piece of clothing. In short, the quality is superb. But this recent change is disappointing. I can get a high quality shirt from anywhere, but not every company does metal collar inserts.

I’m sure the metal stays are slightly more expensive to produce, but they are a good differentiator and in times like this when buying a $100+ shirt is a big deal – economic crisis and all that – every advantage in the market place helps. I’m now wondering really what the difference is in the $100+ shirt market between yourselves and other shirt makers.

If you can give me any feedback about whether this is just a short term thing, or if it’s a permanent change (which I sincerely hope it isn’t) I’d really appreciate it.


Rowan Wilde

The same day reply:

Hi Rowan,

Thank you for your email. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to write to us, and your passion for our brand.

I agree 100% with your sentiment and believe that it is one of the key things (the little details) that set our brand apart from many others. We’re actually still far from satisfied with our offer (which I feel is a good thing) and are constantly reviewing stitch details, collar shapes, fabrics qualities, buttons and the like to look for ways to improve the overall quality of our merchandise.

In relation to the collar stays – they’re here for good (the metal ones) – they took us quite a while to perfect and we really feel strongly that they’re part of our offer for the long term. From time to time shirts do escape from the factory without them in the swing tickets, and while we try to pick this up in the quality control process some invariably slip through.

If could you please let me know an appropriate postal address I will have some sent out to you straight away in lieu of the one’s that you’ve missed out on.

Kind Regards

Nelson Mair
Managing Director

Head Office
Shop 6/101 Collins Street
VIC 3000

Tel: xxxxxxx
Fax: xxxxxxx
Mobile: xxxxxxxx

P Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail

UPDATE: Rhodes and Beckett delivered three pairs of collar stays to replace the one pair that went missing. Great service.


  1. That interesting. I sent a similar email after receiving plastic stays in 3 shirts consecutively from the myer concessions store. I thought that this was gfc related, however I’m sure now if I go to myer, we won’t find a metal stay in sight.

    I will surely follow up to the last email ident last year to which I got no response. Did you contact them throught the website or was there an email address that’s more appropriate?


    1. Hey Chris, I emailed them through the website and got the reply as above. It wouldn’t be appropriate for me to distribute the MD’s email address but at least now you have his name.



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