How photojournalists used twitter during the Victorian Bushfires

I spoke to a very reputable person today within the Australian media (who has asked to remain nameless) and we got onto the topic of twitter and how it’s being used by various groups and professionals around Australia.

It was mentioned that during the Victorian Bushfires – during that 46 degree Saturday night when hell reigned down on the citizens of Kinglake and Marysville – photojournalists for the major dailies were using the tweats of the terrified people fleeing the fires to track where ‘the action was’, i.e. where they could find the best shots for the next day’s papers.

The photojournalists were unable to use their own company’s websites to find out what was happening because it was late at night and, it is claimed, weren’t updating their websites fast enough and or didn’t have the capacity to do it.

So when you see the photos from the major Australian papers on their websites, such as this one, and this one, there’s a chance that the ability to take that shot was made by a photojournalist following tweats from people running for their lives.

Just another interesting way twitter is being used by the media.

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