It’s a twitter mystery

Mystery, disguise and teasing.

All the hallmarks of a good thriller and so it is for over 5,000 people who are now following ‘the following‘ on twitter.

Thefollowing started on March 13th with this first post: A new experiment has begun. The Following has been born. Follow and everything will make sense soon, maybe.

And at the time of writing Thefollowing is following over 5,600 people. In return, they’ve garnered over 5,200 followers – the first 1,000 of which was acquired in less than 48 hours.

It could be a ploy to see how long people will last, or it could be a promotion for the new season of Lost, as there are several tweets about the series:

@submom Perhaps I gain some inspiration from LOST. Love that show.

@zeedee892 I’m a big LOST fan as well. New ep wed! @karmawillcatchu rent season 1, its amazing

TheFollowing’s only response has been “deets’ will come in time, I promise, have patience, but speaking of LOST, you excited for tonight? I know I am.

hmmmm red herring or have the US tv networks got onto twitter fast and very effectively?

Every morning Thefollowing put out a message saying “Good morning twitterland. Thanks for continuing to follow and participating in the experiment. Hope everyone has a great” day

Thefollowing claims to be doing something to make twitter history and in their Wednesday post Thefollowing said “Just wanted to thank the 4k of you for following in just over 4 days. Will most likely disclose details of the exp at the end of the week

The question is of course, will they? and if they do what will they reveal? It could be an incredibly smart way to get a promotion out to 5,000 plus peoples twitterfeed’s – potentially tens of thousands of eyeballs.

There isn’t any main pattern as far as I can see with the people TheFollowing is following, they’re from all around the planet and from a random sample of 100 people’s account some have very large groups following them, some are very small.

It’s odd indeed, but perhaps with all the hype around twitter and the amazing uptake in recent months across the world (more to come about that in a post later today or tomorrow) people just want to be the first to tweet about whatever it is that TheFollowing is.

Or perhaps it’s just a great new experiement by Seth Godin following on from his book about Tribes.

Anybody have any clues on this?


  1. I have no understanding of how this twitter account has so many followers… perhaps it is a cult (Lost or otherwise), maybe it’s a massive social experiment; although I would take Seth Godin’s theories with a couple of grains of salt.

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