Forget agencies, all you need is staff.

While companies pour millions of dollars into creative agencies for viral campaigns who make promising noises about expected traffic and branding exposure and user interaction, some agency heads must be absolutely staggered by the free publicity that some companies get for doing absolutely nothing other than having staff, while some of their friends viral efforts are treated with skepticism by the media.

Never fear agency boys and girls all you need to do is tell your clients to have staff ala Ryanair and Southwest.

You can’t buy the kind of global attention that an x-rated porn model serving drinks receives globally and likewise you couldn’t as a CEO quite thank your staff enough for videoing another member of staff rapping flight safety instructions before takeoff:

Of course you could try and stop your staff from tweeting but that would just be silly.

Keep on tryin’ and truckin’ agencyland.


  1. I’ve abandoned my agencies, taken my budgets and walked. Half of the stuff they presented to me last year was presented to colleagues of mine in the same industry (either before or after)

    That’s not creative. That’s just pitching the same idea until someone bites!

  2. Love your posts but I have to disagree on this one.

    I’m been on both sides of the fence and here is my 2 cents….

    IMO when you have an in-house team it is hard to take a step back and find the answer or generate the idea for the next big marketing campaign – there are too many internal teams telling you what to do.

    Sometimes it takes another team (insert agency) who is willing to push you to find the “it” factor in a marketing campaign. I think the problem is big agencies who loose touch with the client and worry about their SOW’s and not about the client.

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