Twitter if you’re reading this, I have a request or two

The joy, the euphoria, the excitement.

So you’re all setup and using twitter. You’re following your friends, you’re following some people for work purposes and you’re probably following a celebrity or two too.

Excellent, good for you.

Now what?

Now you want to segment them. But you can’t. You want to prioritise them. But you can’t. That influential person you started following is over tweeting you don’t want to unfollow them but you wouldn’t mind turning the communication down a notch.

You want to have different feeds right? It’d be nice wouldn’t it? It’s sort of started now with – tweets from influential business people – and there are dozens of applications you could use and download, but what if you really just wanna use your twitter profile in one central location?

Twitter, if you’re reading this I have two requests to throw onto the pile of stuff you’re probably already developing:

  • Please give us the power to make custom tabs.
  • Please give us the power to turn down, or turn up, the frequency of tweets from the people we follow.

So what about you? If you’re reading this but you’re not twitter and want to add something to a request list, add a comment below.


  1. I agree with your thoughts, already things are feeling cluttered, people are following people to raise their numbers which sort of implies influence but isn’t really an accurate measure of someone’s relevancy.

    I guess I’d like to have some sort of way to measure how to monitor the real influential people without just looking at the raw numbers of followers they have.

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