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The hype around marketing to people via mobile phone has been happening for as long as I can remember.

It’s never really taken off on the scale that many have hoped for, for a variety of reasons, some small, some large. A large one, a stand out, is that the second a company’s message vibrates in your pocket, it’s not wanted, it’s spam.

Why do people consider it spam? Primarily because you’ve been contacted, randomly, and perhaps unwantedly, on your personal communication device – your way of connecting with the world and the people most important to you – by a company (usually) for one reason: they want to sell you something.

It’s the randomness that’s unsettling too I think. A company rarely asks you when you’d like to be contacted on your mobile phone, they just contact you when they want, thereby taking the power away from the consumer.

I don’t care if someone has opted in to receive text’s from a company, the second the consumer has no power over how and when they’re contacted, that’s no longer permission marketing, that’s oppression marketing.

But with the internet, the production of the iphone, the blackberry thunder and dozens of other big screen, touch phones, they allow the user to get online quicker, easier and in a more visually friendly way.

David Pogue, the technology editor  recently spoke at TED about his thoughts on where mobile is headed next and the opportunities for companies and marketers as a whole is exciting.

Check it out.

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