Ben Cousins… Who’s Ben Cousins?

Not strictly a marketing focused post this one, but I thought I’d take a look at Google trends to see how the Ben Cousins saga is unfolding according to Google.

Being a Melbourne boy it was difficult in the weeks up to his come back to avoid Ben Cousins. He was everywhere. He was doing an exclusive radio thing with some station, then he was on the front cover of every newspaper – and on one Melbourne tabloid on the front and back for what seemed like an eternity and he was the centre of many water cooler discussions.

He was, in short, the quintessential hotbed-of-contention-wrapped-up-in-a-post-drug-using-now-into-recovery-and-ready-for-comeback-lovable-‘aw’-come-on-give-him-a-go kid.

But despite all the attention, despite all the hype here’s what Google trends shows:

Ben Cousins Google Trends

Ben Cousins Google Trends

And despite Melbourne being the home of AFL it seems Eagles fans were the ones watching the story build up the most. Total search volume in order came from:

  • Perth, Western Australia
  • Melbourne, Victoria
  • Adelaide, South Australia
  • Then Sydney searched more than Brisbane, but Queensland had more searchs in total than NSW.

Odd huh? For a story that much of the media was pushing so hard interest in him, online at least, has died off pretty quickly.

It’ll probably ramp up a bit once his hamstring has recovered for Cousins Comeback Attempt #2 but this at least shows that it was to some extent a media driven story.

And now back to the grind.

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