Rove and Dave Hughes – Shark jumping or just playing around?

According to mumbrella today,  Rove may have ‘Jumped the Shark’ by using twitter with his mate, Dave Hughes while getting makeup done pre-show.

Tim Burrows, editor of asks the question “Could this be the moment that Twitter ate itself?” – Rove took a photo of Dave, Dave took a photo of Rove and they both then tweeted it. He then says “The celeb Twitter shark has officially been jumped.”

Yep, I get the point about shark jumping but is that what’s really happening here? – isn’t this just like any other brand playing with social media?

Were their actions for the benefit of other media to comment on more likely were they for the 48,000+ followers between Rove and Dave to enjoy and experience? – Isn’t conversation and communication the point of twitter? Isn’t that what Rove and Dave were doing?

It should be noted that neither Rove’s or Dave’s tweets said anything about ‘watch tonight’s show’ or ‘tune in to channel 10 tonight’ so I don’t know what’s so wrong about them doing this.

I can’t help but think that if this was Miranda Kerr and Megan Gale photographing each other in during a makeup session at Fashion Week the marketing and ad industry would probably collectively coo and fawn all over them (and the photos for the clicks) and consider this as ‘brave’ and embrace it as a new way for brands to play with twitter and social media.

I also think  Channel 10 should be given kudos on two points:

1. For supporting Rove as long as they have and regardless of a shifting demographic watching it,  it wouldn’t have run this long without the numbers behind it – even if they are falling now.

2.  For not instigating some stringent policy about their stars using social networks such as twitter.

Am I a massive, Rove fan? No I’m not. But I do know that Rove is better than a lot of other local content – does anyone really think we need another a season of ‘Australian Customs. We caught this guy trying to bring in an open bag of chips and a banana’?

And Rove, while more expensive to produce is much better than buying in cheap US or UK syndicated content like ‘World’s most *insert dramatic sounding words* you’ve ever seen!‘ Thankfully Channel 10 hasn’t and I think the domestic TV industry is all the richer for it – rather than us decrying the end of Aussie TV we should be championing programs like Rove.

Maybe it’s all just a mountain out of a molehill but all I can say is God help the next Australian comedians or celebrities that try to do something they consider fun on twitter/FB etc if this is the sort of reaction they get.

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  1. Hi Rowan,

    I’m in danger of disagreeing with myself here, but…

    There is something amusingly circular/ backslappy/ self-celebratory about two celebs simultaneously photographing each other and both tweeting it. But in truth, I don’t think it has really created a singularity that is going to create a black hole which in turn sucks in Twitter and then the known universe. it was just a slightly indulgent moment that some will like and some won’t

    But I agree with your major points. They weren’t doing any harm, and probably made some of their followers smile. For them, better to be tweeting than not.

    On your wider point, I was admiring the production levels of the show last night – there are many well crafted, well put together segments. It ain’t The Daily Show but it’s the closest we’ll get and we’re fortunate to have it.

    It’s a shame it struggled in its timeslot last night against the US imports of Bones and CSI.

    As to a network tweeting policy for stars. I wonder if we may actually see that in time. Wil Anderson certainly copped some heat for his (excellent) Logies stuff last week.


    Tim – Mumbrella

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