A new Kawasaki campaign?

Walking through Melbourne’s CBD today at lunchtime near the corner of Queen and Flinders Lane I was struck by three very similar, very green Kawasaki motorcycles in seemingly perfect formation which, no matter which angle you looked at them from, gave you a view of every major angle on the bikes.

They were all slightly different but simliar enough to not spoil the illusion of it just being one bike from three angles at once. They were all in a really neat formation on the pavement at a busy intersection (lots of foot traffic from Flinders St Station and Flinders Lane) and all three were in plain view of several restauarants, busy lunch time cafes etc.

I noticed them because they really stuck out against a grey corporate backdrop and as this is my usual lunch route I’ve not seen them there before.

Some photos from my blackberry are below.

But just putting it out there that at a time when many people are selling their cars, looking for an alternative and motorcycle sales are soaring this may be a campaign for Kawasaki.

I want one – well ok, I want this Honda, but these Kawasaki’s are damn hot and if the attention they were getting on the street is any indication, and if this is a campaign, Kawasaki should do well.

Kawasaki bikes

Kawasaki bike 2

(of course it may just be three people parking close to each other and had some fun with their display today, but it’d be pretty great if it was a campaign – just parking the product around the city all day, pretty cheap and great exposure).

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