Can I please have $44.5 million?

Just saw this story on TheAge and have to share:

“The Rudd Government’s internet censorship policy will cost about $90,000 per blocked web address to implement and the Government has admitted it has not developed any criteria to determine whether trials of the scheme are a success. (emphasis is mine)

The Opposition, Greens and online users’ lobby group Electronic Frontiers Australia are concerned the lack of success criteria is a sign the policy itself has no clear goals and is instead being dictated by what the technology will allow.

Nine ISPs are trialling the web censorship plan, which will mandatorily block all content that has been “refused classification” by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

Results of the trials are due to be published in July but, in response to a freedom of information request, the Government has admitted that “there are not success criteria as such”. (emphasis is mine)

Let me just make this clear, I need to try and get this right:

Is this article saying, as a result of the governments’ own statements, that the  federal government of Australia during the worst economic situation in 75 years has put out a test to determine if its MANDATORY internet censorship scheme will work at the tune of around $45 million and it has assigned NO CLEAR GOALS so as to detemine whether the test has been a success or not?


Well if that’s the criteria for getting my hands on $45 million. Um, Mr Rudd, can I please have $45 million for a project that is undefinable, has no real or clear goals, you just need to know I’m thinking about protecting Australian’s, particularly children, from an undefinable and untargetable group or groups of nasty people.

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