Vegemite, name me campaign – I name you: generosity

This week two large boxes with around 240 sample size packets of the new vegemite were dropped off to the office. And given that we’re all media companies here on level 7, we’re sure that the boxes


were dropped off out of the goodness of Kraft’s heart and not so that we’d write nice things about the the new easy, spreadable and slightly cheese infused flavour of vegemite and their current marketing campaign to find a name for the product.

The snack size packets were an instant hit for those in the office with children who adore the black stuff and yes, the new flavour and texture is ok.

But after most people had taken one for themselves or their friends/loved ones, we had nearly 200 packets left over.

What to do…. what to do…hmmmmmm

So, Vegemite/Kraft employees, if you’re reading this, you won’t know this yet but you’ve just made a generous donation to the Salvation Army soup kitchen on Bourke St in Melbourne.

A homeless bloke, who’s name I didn’t catch when I handed over the boxes full of the sample snack sized portions, said ‘thanks very much’.

p.s. If you ever find yourself with an extra large amount of sealed and fresh excess food and want to donate to the Salvation Army soup kitchen at 69 Bourke St Melbourne call 03 9653 3213 to organise a drop off or pick up.


  1. Great post- for Kraft’s sake, I hope the company has an online savvy marketing department/ trawling company to pick this post up!

    By the way, I’m a huge fan of this new and as yet unnamed snack 🙂

  2. My son had a good idea for naming the new line of vegemite tastymite or even me being his mum believes it should be called Grandmite .

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