Missing twitter

Technically I had to tweet during my hiatus, for work, not personal, and as a result I can’t actually remember my login for twitter now.

I haven’t gone back to it for personal use just yet, because for the majority of the people I was following on twitter, I was, and still am, visiting their sites anyway marketingmag , mashable , etc  – I’m looking in your direction.

I’m not sure I’m not missing out on something by not using twitter all that much. Weighing up the benefits received from it last time vs the time spent on it, it’s a hard ask to jump back onto it right now.

I don’t miss twitter because for the most part there isn’t that connection like with Facebook. FB’s focus on connecting with friends, with opinions you trust, as opposed to ‘following’ strangers, who may sell their tweets for cash, raises concerns.

And maybe I’m not alone on this one, checking Compete.com it looks like twitter’s traffic isn’t just stalling, it’s falling:

Will it be abandoned? Most likely not, there’s too many interested parties to let it go the way of the dodo, but will it become an essential unmissable tool for communication on daily basis? Not for a while yet, not for me anyway.

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