When you’re running, you think you know your limits.

You know how long you want to run for, how far you want to run, or how much you want to improve by.

It’s only natural to set a goal and reach it. It’s easy setting your own goals, because most people set them knowing they can reach them. But it’s much harder mentally to reach that pre-determined goal and just keep on going, just to see, for the pure experiment of it, exactly how long you can keep on going and how far you can get.

You see it every day with people running at the gym, they set the machine for the specific metrics they want – time, calories, incline etc – and then they just stop when they reach it.

But what if they decided, ‘to hell with being late to dinner I’m just going to keep on going’. I bet they’d be surprised by their results.

What’s a greater achievement: hitting something you know you could, or setting a new record?

It can and should be like that with marketing too. Don’t aim to hit your target by the end of the month, aim to hit it two thirds of the way through the month and then keep on going.

Don’t be daunted with negative thoughts about future expectation, exceed what’s expected today and you’ll find it easier to do so in the future too.

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