Are you searching, or are you finding?

It’s a well worn phrase, but ‘people don’t buy a drill, they buy a hole in the wall’, put another, less elegant way, consumers buy things, not to have them but for what obtaining the object does, or says, for the individual.

So are you searching or finding? Is a search engine really a search engine? Or is it more of a ‘show me everything relevant on XYZ topic’ engine?

With Google’s superbowl ad, which has been on their youtube account since November, is possibly the finest display of this theory and displaying a level self-brandawareness that most companies struggle to find, if ever.

Google understands implicitely their role in helping you find what you’re looking for. Their ability to get rid of you quickly so you’ll keep coming back has been well documented.

Take a look around your business and see if you truly understand why people are using your products and services and if you’re confident you do, try demonstrating it more. Be sure to find out how various groups are using your product, and perhaps focus on the core consumers that are your most reliable, re-purchasing ones.

Finding more of them might just be what your business needs.

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