Apple’s iPad ‘hype spike’. Does it mean doom or glory?

Will all the hype about Apple’s iPad really translate to sales or a product doomed to get dusty on a salesfloor shelf? Well if history is any guide, Apple and Steve Job’s will need a new pit for all the cash about to come their way, here’s why.

It’s been nearly a month since Apple’s executive team demonstrated the ‘awesome, exciting, magical, groundbreaking, every-positive-noun-under-the-sun’ power of the iPad. It has created tens of thousands of articles, quick product reviews, Youtube videos and several million tweets, comments and blog posts.

So what has all this done to traffic? And what does the traffic tell us about the likely success of Apple’s newest edition to the iFamily?

Not bad right? A big spike, but where’s the longevity of the hype? Should Apple be concerned about the drop off? Looking at it as compared with other Apple products, probably not, take a look. Below is a graph charting search of the iPad, iPhone and iPod over the last 12 months.

The primary reason why big spikes of attention is probably just fine with everyone at Apple from their marketing and product team’s right up to the big turtleneck wearer himself, is that they’ve done it before and their system works at generating interest and strong sales in the long term. Why change something that’s working just fine?

Below are Google Trends graphics showing search patterns for the iPad, iPhone and iPod for ‘all countries’ for ‘all time’. The iPhone saw nearly the exact same spike in ‘hype media attention’ and ‘hype search attention’ and did just fine. Of course, the iPhone and iPad are different products, so there’s still an the question of ‘will the iPad take off? But at the very least the media strategy seems to have hit the spot. It also looks like the iPad could be expected to fade a little more from the media and search frequency before it turns around if the previous search spikes are a good guide.

Despite how big these spikes are, in Google Insights the iPad doesn’t even make a mention in total search stats when compared with it’s brethren. Below, the iPad is in blue, iPhone in red, iPod is orange.

So is the ‘hype spike’ a good thing or a bad thing? It’s a good thing, by a long shot. Most marketers would kill to get that kind of cut-through and message delivery. Apple aficionado’s and curious Apple passerby’s are just waiting to see if the product matches the hype.

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