Online video – what people are watching

Forrester Research has just concluded a fascinating study about what people are watching online.

The insights offered aren’t all that surprising for social media junkies advocates perhaps, but offer salient reminders, that sharing is caring and the trust of friends shouldn’t be dismissed.

The standout result which comes in at a whopping 38% of replies indicates that it doesn’t matter so much what the content is, if it’s been selected and shared by friends, people will watch it. The rest are topic based, national news, local tv news etc. Surprisingly ‘adult material’ comes in very low at 8 percent, hmmmm maybe there’s just some things survey respondents don’t want to share even with anonymity.

What types of online video people are watching

Online video is undoubtedly becoming more important for viewers and business alike, with advertisers willing to throw big money at getting their 15 second commercial in-front of good content and with just under 70 percent of US adults having viewed online video content in the past month alone, there’s little doubt that video is set to see enormous growth and that, like everything else on the internet content is king.

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