Grill’d gets basted by Nando’s and customers

Earlier this week a 2-for-1 promotion from Grill’d was doing the rounds via email screaming ‘buy one burger and get one free’ (of equal or lesser value).

But as it turns out the offer was never intended for the ‘digital’ space and the offer has been pulled for those not holding the original cut-out ad from the Uni Times. The grill’d website had this to say:

“We’ve been inundated recently with people trying to redeem a 2 for 1 burger offer that has been doing the rounds via email. The 2 for 1 burger offer originated from the current print edition of the Uni Times Magazine (a magazine for Victorian Uni Students) and we only ever expected for this voucher to be available for readers of the print publication, and not available online.

The Uni Times 2 for 1 offer was intended to be limited to the readership of the Uni Times publication – otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to offer it at all – All vouchers from the printed publication will be honoured. To get the real voucher just pickup a free copy of Uni Times from any of these locations.   We hope all of our customers can appreciate the good faith in which the offer was released, and that neither Grill’d or its loyal customers will win in the long run if we allow digital copies or scans to be honoured for printed offers such as this. We know a lot of our loyal Grill’d fans have  received electronic versions of the offer and we apologise for this, but we hope you understand that this was never our intention.”

Print this out and take it to Nando's they'll honour it!

So that’s the end of that then…. or not….

The reaction has been heated to say the least and grill’d may be wishing they’d just honoured the deal with several hundred comments appearing on their website – some of which have since been deleted.

Comments range from user ‘BS’ saying “ACCEPT YOUR MISTAKE, don’t blame your customers for your marketing departments mistakes.” and ‘Sam’ saying “Just another big chain trying to get out of hot water! Shame!!! I am a once a week grill’d customer… not any more!!!” and user ‘grill’d sucks’ claiming “I”m telling everyone I know to boycott grill’d. If you’re in Brisbane, go to purple gorilla or burger urge instead.”

Some commenters however understand the mistake. With user ‘Common Sense‘ saying “Please people! IT IS A PRINT PUBLICATION VOUCHER only that has been leaked digitally! If Grill’d didn’t actually send out the digital version to the general public then they don’t have to honour it! Morons! If someone stole this voucher from a waste bin at the Grill’d office and then scanned it onto their computer and circulated it, it would also not be valid. The voucher was never meant for digital simple as that. Seriously some people just try to scam anything for free even when you know it’s not right. I am guessing you are the same people who swap price tags on products in stores when no one is looking and then abuse the person at the register telling them they “Must Honour” the price on the tag, when it’s obviously been changed from $100 to something like $10. Honestly people get over it! I love Grill’d and I will continue to eat there. I do like that this attach on Grill’d may mean that most of you idiots won’t come sit at the table next to me anymore, now that’s a plus!”

As a result of the fast furious comments the comments on the grill’d website have now been shut off.

But one brand’s pain is another brand’s gain, as Nando’s has stepped in and proudly declared something like – ‘friends, ladies and gentlemen lend me your ears, bring us your grill’d voucher and we’ll honour it, cheers!’.

The Nando’s website says:

“Following Grill’d’s decision to pull its latest university 2 for 1 promotion Nando’s has stepped up to the plate so to speak. See
Anyone who brings in a copy of the Grill’d voucher to any Nando’s restaurant nationally will be able to buy any burger or wrap and receive one of equal or lesser value for free.

Kim Russell, Nando’s Australia National Marketing Manager said: “This time of year, students are back at Uni, paying for all their books and struggling to make ends meet. “Many of our own staff are uni students and so we understand their plight.
“Downloaded, photocopied, scanned, emailed, original, we don’t care where you got them, just bring the Grill’d vouchers in to Nando’s and we’ll honour the Grill’d offer and terms and make sure you’re all well looked after.”

Nice one Kim, great pick up of a great opportunity.

And so you can claim the deal just print out the image above and get on down to your local Nando’s.


  1. check out; I’m told they’ve put together their own voucher – it’s on Facebook already – gold

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