I’ve just invented a touch pad device.

I’ve just invented a cordless, light weight, low cost, fully interactive, PC and Mac compatible, writing, drawing and sharable touch based tablet.

Not only that, the production costs are tiny and distribution is a breeze. Everyone is going to want one, I’m sure of it.

Sure, initially it might not attract a lot of attention, but I think the idea is going to catch on.

And I’ve found my niche as the product is not competing feature for feature with the iPad, or the HP Slate and damn it, I think it’s going to work.

It’s called: a Pad of Paper or PoP.

Oh sure, it’s not as easy to shoot and upload video as other touch pad type devices might be, but hey you’ve got a mobile phone already right? Just use that.

Now I know what your major concern is: battery life. Totally understand, and I got you covered. I can guarantee you this, my device will never need to be plugged into a wall. Ever. In fact I’d advise against doing so.

Feel free to compare the iPad vs a PoP for battery life. Go ahead and take an iPad and a Pad of Paper into the desert for 20 days and see which one you’re still able to record your every thought on.

The standard Pad of Paper will come with a dazzling 200 sheets of paper memory measuring 28cms H by 21cms W and retail for just $1. You could buy one iPad or 499 Pads of Paper.

Or upgrade or ‘PoP MAMMOTH’ option (ideal for heavy users) and get 500 sheets of portable memory for just $1.75.

Pad of Paper Mini (PoP’m) will be available for just 40 cents for 50 sheets of paper and the reduced size, just 10cms H by 8cms, makes it even easier to transport.

The only real downfall is that like the iPad and HP Slate, Pad of Paper is likely to experience problems if exposed to large amounts of water or other liquids like coffee.

Pad of Paper also comes in a variety of colours, and comes with OR without ruled lines on the pages.

Want to read on the PoP? No problem, get a friend to write a story for you, or go buy a book for just a few dollars from any major retailer and lean it up against the Pad of Paper. It’s a whole new way to experience reading.

With the Pad of Paper, you just do.

Coming to a stockist near you soon.

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