Facebook – planning for the right demographic

If you’re planning to run ad’s or be social on Facebook make sure you’re using data that is specific to your country. Most of the whitepapers available on the internet are based on US statistics and US audiences. That’s great if you’re looking for US customers, but if you’re looking to discuss, target, convert and appeal to a domestic audience it’s worth checking against your own country’s demographics first.

Some graphics highlighting the broad differences between the US and Australian audiences are below. Further down there are some links to online resources to check out who’s being social in your country.

Australian-facebook-audience statistics

US-facebook-audience statistics

It’s startling to see some of the differences. For example, the male > female ratios are reversed between the two countries. Facebook users in the US seem, at least by these numbers, to be earning far less than Australian earners, and there is a more even spread between the various age groups.

You can check to make sure you’re talking to the right demographics, and to see what the volumes are in your country here:

Google Ad planner

Google Insights

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