There’s an app for that – So who’s downloading what?

The results are in and the results are good for smartphone makers, software providers, users and the industry at large. Smartphones, have users that are highly engaged and actively using their devices.

And it’s not just kids downloading games and using it for social networking….although two of the three highest amount of apps downloaded are actually for games and social networking.

The good news is that ‘news and weather’ rates above social networking for many.

App's : who's downloading what

The encouraging thing for companies everywhere is that the engagement across most industries is high and varied. Markets are opening, growing and consumers appetites aren’t slowing.

There are a few keys reasons for this:

1. The smartphone market is expanding across more and more socio-demographic groups. In an era of mobile saturation in many nations growth like this is both needed and desirable, allowing everyone in the industry to breathe a sigh of relief.

2. App innovation is strong. Even if current smartphone users have already got ‘an app for that’, if a better one comes along there’s no reason for them to necessarily stick with what they had.

3. More companies are entering the market all the time, companies already in the market are innovating their current offering.

4. As consumers pre-conceived mental barriers of ‘oh no I’d never do that’ on smartphones breakdown and in consumers minds smartphones move from being ‘foreign learning experiences’ to ‘pssh, you mean I can’t do that on my phone?!’ more and more companies can and will enter the market.

A recent Forrester study found that 87% of Americans don’t want to do banking on their social networks, but that means and incredible 17% already do.

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