What’chu talkin’ ’bout Willis?

A short post today, but hopefully some useful food for thought too.

If you’re the only one talking about you, then you’re doing something wrong. There should, in every business, be consumer (b2b or b2c) advocates for your brand(s). You should not be the only group talking about how great your services and products are.

If it turns out you are the only one talking about you, then one of a few things are happening:

1. Your competitors are providing a comprehensively better experience than you, or,

2. You’re talking to the wrong people, or,

3. You’re saying the wrong thing, or,

3. A combination of points one, two and three.

There really isn’t any excuse for people to not be talking about you.

To remedy this situation you need to do a few things first. You need to do a comprehensive analysis of your product(s) and competing products. And then you need to look to your customers. Why do they buy from you and why do others buy from your competitors? Do you customers churn to your competitors, and if so, when? Or is it the other way around?

Do some consumer research and see if your product(s) needs updating, and if so, who are the competitors in that space, what will be your competitive advantage and why?

And don’t forget, that even though they may be silent, you must have advocates within your current client base. Perhaps they’re just shy, perhaps they don’t know what to say, or perhaps they just don’t know where to direct referrals or product conversations to. These are all things you can facilitate. Just make sure when you do,  you’re talking to the right group of people.

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