Everyone is ‘dynamic’, get over it

Have you seen a job posting for an organisation in the last ten years that hasn’t said they’re ‘dynamic’?

What about ‘manage stakeholder relationships’, ‘conflicting deadlines’ or ‘effective time management’? – They’re usually pretty high on the list too.

In fact those phrases can be turned into a complete sentence with the addition of one or two words, in nearly any combination, and still tell you absolutely nothing about the company.

Marketers may well want to scoff at HR at this point, but take a fresh look at the wording on the marketing collateral and on the website of your brand(s) and chances are it’ll say something about the product offering ‘good insights’, it may be ‘useful for optimising’, and ‘offering an unparalleled experience’ all while being ‘[insert country]’s number one provider of [insert product or service]’.

It’s time to look again at what you’re saying and how you’re saying it.

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