Replays make all the difference


If you’ve ever watched a replay you’ll know exactly how powerful they can be. Whether it’s re-watching English Premier League Football, NFL or Starcraft II, replays give you all the insights possible to improving next time round.

While research and analysis that delivers as close to real time as possible is useful for brands, rarely do management prioritize time to look back at what has happened to date. Like replays, reviews can be incredibly useful learning experiences. However much of the time, reviews are glossed over, with the elephant in the room being any shortfall that may have to be made up in the coming months. Reviews in effect become an opportunity not to diligently and thoroughly review the past, but rather, to talk about the future.

If a campaign has been a spectacular failure, much of the time, the entire campaign is written off, but with proper analysis it may be that just one part of the marketing chain misfired – or failed to fire at all.

Brands that review, and take the time to learn from the information received can, if then used to the company’s benefit in future endeavours, prevent them ending up like the boy above: eyes closed, thinking he’s doing the right thing, hoping that it all works out OK.

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