The Guardian deserves recognition for this

The Guardian website team deserve a special round of applause for doing something truly inspired, and something I’m not sure any other company anywhere has done / did during the royal wedding.

The Guardian cleverly tapped into the crowd of Britons that:
– are Republicans
– really don’t care about the Royal Wedding
– have read all the vox-pop’s they can of regular people being ‘excited’, ‘having a great time’, and ‘enjoying the atmosphere’
– already know that no one knows where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be honeymooning
– are tired of the endless speculation of who designed the wedding dress

So what did the Guardian web team do that was particularly creative? They effectively have two homepages running at all times, and it is as simple as clicking a button to get to either version.

With Wedding Coverage

Without Wedding Coverage

Clever stuff from the Guardian team.

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