This week in Digital and business. 20 June.

Innovation strategyA consolidation of some of the best articles, thinking and studies I’ve seen in the last few weeks.

Why your business needs an innovation strategy. HBR.

The growth of the global mobile internet economy. BCG.

And another one from BCG on the value of digital embedding in to the retail experience.

Lots of people say ‘if you’re the smartest person in the room, then you’re in the wrong room’ – easy to say, challenging to lead, a nice piece from HBR on how to lead people smarter than you.

Google have launched a new Creative Hub, with a stand-out piece on creating video ads people won’t want to skip.

‘Best practise’ marketing comes down to a single thing: Getting an outsized response and return on people doing what you want them to do in a way they embrace. Bought a million eyeballs with media? Great – how will your business turn it in to another million for free?’ Three ads which stand-out in relatively low-engagement industries:

Product launch, new train line (turn on english subtitles)

– An Ad that asks you to embrace the whole experience, focusing on Ice.

University graduate. This ad was so powerful it was pulled from Japanese television by Tokyo Gas, because of complaints the scenario portrayed was was too real, cut too close to the bone.

CÉSAR HIDALG, assistant professor of the MIT media lab, talks with the team from The Economist about how knowledge helps global economies and enhances their capacity to grow.

Amidst Twitter’s ongoing struggles – with declining active users, problematic revenues and losing ground on the stockmarket, it now appears bots have taken over twitter – the human voice getting lost amongst the automated messaging of machine’s.

Is the reality you think you see really the reality that exists? Great TED talk by Donald Hoffman.


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