Weekly links 27 June – Optimisation, Greece and Startup Disruption

Why do people use social media This weeks wrap of some of the best digital and business articles, case studies and content.

First up a look at every businesses’ favourite topic at the moment: digital optimisation. What’s the one essential thing to any optimisation experiment? A hypothesis, of course – an optimisation activity without one is DoA.

How testing everything improved the retail business, Blue Dot and if your business is digital or omni-channel here’s a mobile optimisation case study for to get through too.

With Optimisation being such a focus for so many companies and many stakeholder groups wanting to be involved how do you prioritise experiments without hurting feelings and upsetting internal politics? Here’s a great optimisation prioritisation guide.

And on to broader business and economic topics…

Why Start-ups are more successful than ever at disrupting established business.

By 2025 which will be the most crowded cities in the world? Interesting if you consider this will also be indicative of the world’s biggest market opportunities.

If you want to see a company that’s gone through huge change, take a look at Apple – in just 8 years they’ve gone from $7b in Q1 2007 to $74b IN Q1 2015. Take a look at this amazing Apple revenue infographic, and a view of quarterly earnings between 2011 – 2015.

Greek Debt visualised – Who Greece owes, how much and the current trajectory to pay it off between 2015 and – wait for it – 2054.


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