The baffling simplicity of getting it right

Customers are us. They’re you and me. They’re you and the people in your team. Your customers are your friends, your siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and parents. So, look around you, what do you all want? Chances are whatever they want that’s what your customers want too.

All too often marketers look at customers like they’re a zoo exhibit, standing off to the side, marveling at what’s infront of them. Baffling, complex, intricately unique customers. From farmers, to mums, millennials, boomers, Gen X, Z, Alpha…. All head-scratchingly complex, infinitely unique, ever changing, difficult to get in-front of, shifting demands, by the time you’ve delivered it they’ve moved on. It’s just so hard to move and know what’s right, isn’t it?

Marketing teams in particular always seem to need more data, more research, more tools, more people and of course more money – always more money.

But is it really that difficult?

Research and data should be the lamp lighting the trail ahead to deliver exceptional growth. All too often however research and data becomes an insurance policy.

But is it really this complex to get things largely right? What do customers want?

  • Demonstrate they matter to you, getting the basics right first, then wow them.
  • Make the things they contact your business about often easy and fast to get done.
  • Prove that what your brand says is important to it, actually is.

The list above intuitively feels right for basically everyone doesn’t it, but why? Could it be because it’s what you want too?

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