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Rebecca Black’s “Friday” is just about to pass 150 million views

Love it or hate it, Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ music video is just a few thousand views short of cracking 150 million views. (UPDATE: Within six hours of writing this post the video received the 36,000 views required, at the time of writing, to pass 150 million views)

For a video that cost $2000 to make, and has some of the blandest least provocative lyrics known to human existence that’s just incredible.

What’s more incredible about the popularity of this song is what it doesn’t talk about. “Friday” doesn’t reference sex, violence, drugs or drug taking, making money, stealing, crime, politics, inspire nationalism, or coming from a broken home and doing it tough. It is possibly the most innocuous song that has ever been written and yet has been this popular.

Just amazing what gets shared to such extreme volumes sometimes, and it’s worth standing back for a minute and thinking about that.

Also, worth mentioning that Rebecca Black has said she is donating all advertising revenues to her school and a Japanese Earthquake Relief fund, pretty humbling really.

Addendum: The lyrics aren’t that bad objectively speaking. The lyrics arguably are no more or less inspired than Daft Punk’s ‘Around the world’ for example. The title of the song also happens to be the only three words sung in the entire video.