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The best things in mobile life cost $9.99, apparently.

Distimo has released a report detailing the average price of apps across all the major mobile platforms, and the implications for developers and businesses aren’t as straight forward as one may assume.

It is quickly apparent that the 99 cent to $1.19 app while good at spreading a basic message, may not be both valuable to enough people to create a sweet spot of both profit and scale.

Average price of apps

What comes as a surprise is that Blackberry users, while having a smaller app selection is actually higher than the iPhone users in relation to the average price of all paid applications.

It’s also worth noting that despite the different uses for the hardware, the difference between the average price of all paid applications between iPhone and iPad is less than 80 cents. With the iPhone having several times more users, and a few key usages, it’s hard to see the iPhone losing it’s dominance as the most coveted app development land any time soon.

So what does this mean for brands? It means they have to work harder to provide a more valuable app in the first place, and that the widely used, but often forgotten mobile users – Blackberry – may just be worth developing for after all.