A good viral should get me humming.

I woke up this morning playing the intro theme music to the 1980’s cartoon, Roger Ramjet in my head.

I have no idea why it was there, or what got me thinking about it, but there it was nonetheless.

That unbelievably catchy/annoying tune was playing over and over again in my head and I got all nostalgic and had to hunt it down on youtube.

It’s well established that music, more than anything else is a binding force in our memories. Francis Mendez once famously said “for every memory there’s a song”.

Some of the best marketing and advertising has had an effective soundtrack, jingle, or accompanying song that gets you going is what many people remember long after the campaign has concluded but the imprint of the brand associated with it may linger too.

Recent campaigns that spring to mind include:

  • Telstra’s ‘Everybody’s talkin’ at me’, clip here.
  • Commbank’s ‘Come Together’, song here.

But there are counless others, like JB Hi Fi’s breaking glass,

I guess I’m asking the question: Would viral go even longer in the memory of consumers if a famous or nostalgic (nostalgia depends on who you’re targeting) sound was included?

I’m asking because right now I can think of heaps of television jingles and campaign songs but I’m struggling to think of one online viral that’s employed music effectively.

Roger Ramjet intro