Will websites exist in 15 years?

Increasingly customer experiences are starting and finishing in purely vocal and aural environments.

The increase, breadth and depth of predictive and always-getting-smarter technologies such as AI and machine learning are already making keyboards and screens redundant.

By 2033 your home, car, phone will be interconnected and will know you so well they will predict what you want before or as you want it.

If websites do exist in 15 years, they likely won’t be  recognisable, incrementally improved, versions of what they look like today. Today’s experiences will look positively prehistoric.

Future students will look back and laugh at un-personalised experiences, and be baffled over the effort we all currently take to physically navigate websites to solve our tasks.

So what’s your plan for the future?

Siri – Is anyone still using you?

Is anyone still using Apple’s Siri?

Upon release Siri was the application that was highlighted as the reason to get the iPhone 4S, indeed, in a way it had to be – the rest of the phone was just pretty much the same, so goes the old adage ‘if you got it, flaunt it’ – There was little else to flaunt so Siri got pushed out front and centre. But is anyone, on a regular, or even semi-regular basis using Siri? I asked people across two social platforms, and search one more and the results weren’t encouraging.

This isn’t to say that Siri is a terrible idea, a bad piece of innovation, or a reflection on the technology itself, quite the opposite, Siri is fantastic – just that while it’s a useful feature, perhaps talking to your phone in a crowded restaurant, train carriage or at your desk isn’t the most endearing of  ways to look to complete strangers (think bluetooth units, clipped to your ear).

is anyone still using siri

But perhaps what Ben Gulak, of Dragon’s Den fame, said when discussing his Uni-wheeled motorcycle and comparing it to the Segway – the reason why the Segway wasn’t popular is that people ‘need to look cool using it’, and they didn’t.

It may be a an unscientific poll, but I recently asked on Twitter, Facebook and searched through Reddit to see if anyone that had Siri on their phone was still using it.

The results, were… well they weren’t positive. Twitter: Zero responses, Reddit…. nothing good. and well, look if the good people of Reddit aren’t having a great experience you know where this is going already, right? And Facebook: nearly a dozen responses – not one of those people were still using Siri.

Amongst the complaints from the Facebook respondents was that Siri was slow, didn’t understand what you wanted, and that “it’s too embarrassing to use in public”.

So is Siri a lost cause? Is Siri doomed to the distant memories of Apple Fanboys, and consigned to the become the Betamax of the mobile age?

Not at all.

One comment from the Facebook feedback that did get me thinking is all the other features and places, and Apple  units that it Siri could be useful for. The same person that same it’s too embarrassing to use Siri in public, said it would be great to be able to use it at home – and that, if you think about it, is where Apple should have put this feature off off the bat (although maybe that wouldn’t have gotten them enough people using it).

For a smoother, richer experience, the ability for one to be at home, by oneself, or with family, and have voice activated starting and stopping of television programming, internet searching, and music playing, well, I honestly can’t think of anything more convenient. There are dozens and dozens of scenarios where in-home usage would be more convenient – everything from ‘how do I get chilli out of my eye’, to ‘how do I get red wine out of the carpet’ – (seconds after it happens) right through to just being too lazy to move from the couch to the computer, and asking Siri a question, or getting ‘her’ to turn on iTunes. (Being too lazy to move from the couch to the computer, is such a firstworldproblem, but I digress) So the next place for Siri, could be the home – especially if Siri is bundled with AppleTV.

But where to next for this piece of software? Even if we asked, we’d be unlikely to get an answer out of Apple, so at the risk of sounding trite, has anyone asked Siri?