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Three ways that good design makes you happy

Don Norman talks to the TED audience about how and why design makes you happy.

Don outlines the three things he believes affect products and our behaviour around using, interacting, buying, noticing them.

1. The Visceral
A subconscious level of thinking and is found within the fonts, the colours, the shapes of products that we use. Effectively, something that is purely pleasing to the eye to look at, an iphone, or a classic car for example.

2. Behavioural
Another subconscious behaviour trait. It’s about being in control, the usability and interaction ability we have with that product.

3. Reflective
The super ego stage, Don explains it as that little voice in your head that sits about everything and says ‘yeah, you’re doing the right thing’ or ‘um, you know that kinda looks like a bad idea’.

Don talks about how in some situations you’re pitting behavioural traits against each other or using them to work in combination to justify the purchase of a great car, or a gorgeous house or beautiful jewelery for example.

What’s exciting though is that while hitting all three factors will increase usage by larger groups for some companies hitting one will do.

In a clogged up world where we’re exposed to more and more things I wonder if pure design over functionality is the critical factor that gets people over the line, or if it’s functionality that would succeed over design?